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VIB Vermögen AG is a medium-sized real estate holding company based at Neuburg/Danube, Germany. We develop, buy and hold commercial properties, primarily in the high-growth regions of Southern Germany. Since being founded as a partnership in 1993, and subsequently converted into a public limited company in 2000, we have been constantly expanding our core competencies in developing, buying and holding of our own real estate, and in investing in companies with real estate assets.

VIB Vermögen AG pursues a "develop-or-buy-and-hold" strategy. We develop real estate for our own portfolio, while also acquiring existing properties in order to generate rental income. The real estate portfolio of VIB Vermögen AG includes logistics properties, industrial real estate, shopping centres and retail parks, as well as commercial and service centres.

In the process, we prove our capabilities in the creation and implementation of tailored concepts for commercial properties that are not only oriented to our tenants' needs, but also planned so that they can be put to alternative use. The guiding principles of our daily activity comprise the early identification and targeted leveraging of market opportunities, combined with forward-looking and broad risk diversification within our real estate portfolio. VIB Vermögen AG is also based on flexible and customer-oriented solutions, mutual trust and long-established business relationships. The overarching principle to this, from the company's perspective, is a sound and continuous business management approach that guarantees sustainable success.

As the result of our many years of activity on the real estate market, we have established an extensive and effective network as the basis for our excellent business relationships. Valuable properties, a balanced distribution across different sectors, and the secure creditworthiness of our tenants form the guiding principles for the expansion of our portfolio. On this basis, VIB Vermögen AG has built up a portfolio consisting of around 108 commercial properties with a total rentable area of around 1,2 m sqm. Our occupancy rate of more than 99% underscores the value of our properties. As a consequence, we generate attractive returns in combination with broad risk distribution, thereby offering our shareholders a sustainable investment.

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