Diversified. Yet focused.

VIB has been achieving sustainable growth over the past 21 years with a solid financing structure and a clearly defined investment strategy. We are systematically expanding our earnings base by acquiring high-yielding properties in the growth sector of logistics, as well as much sought-after retail properties. We buy these properties on attractive terms, and then rent them long-term to tenants with high credit ratings.

Thanks to our operating focus on the strong economic region of Southern Germany, precise market knowledge, and a close network of regional contacts, we are able repeatedly to identify properties that offer the promise of success, and to develop them further. Our partners appreciate our flexibility and, in particular, our reliability – which is our competitive advantage.

"Develop-or-Buy-and-Hold" Strategy
Sustainable financing strategyInhouse portfolio management
High and continuous earnings based on hold strategyFinancing by annuity loans:
  • No refinancing needs
  • Growing amortisation component elevates the company's net asset value
Intensive contact with our tenants
Strong regional network drives:
  • Low transaction costs
  • Fast execution
  • Profitable developments
Balanced leverageFast communication and prompt reaction to changes
Investments in growth sector in economically strong Southern Germany
High equity ratioLow vacancy
Low cost ratio
Strong FFO 
(31.12.2016: 1.30 EUR/share)
Continuous development of the NAV (31.12.2016: 17.05 EUR/share)Sustainable dividend policy   (2016: 0.55  EUR/share)