Corporate Governance – responsible business management

The sustainable commercial success of VIB is based on responsible, transparent governance geared towards long-term value creation. This is also particularly relevant in terms of day-to-day dealings with our stakeholders, tenants, shareholders and business partners, as well as actors on the financial and capital markets.

Detailed information regarding fundamental aspects of our corporate governance policy please see our 2019 Annual Report page 27 ff.

The main principles and ground rules governing our activities and our conduct towards business partners and the general public are outlined in the Code of Conduct of VIB Vermögen AG.

We regard the Code as a set of guidelines for our employees and executives, as well as for members of the Managing and Supervisory Boards of VIB.

We set the same standards for the conduct of our business partners as we set for ourselves. With a view to a long-term partnership based on a spirit of trust, we therefore encourage you to establish and implement similar principles and values at your company.

Code of Conduct