Building trust through regular exchange.

As a real estate company guided by the capital market, we have a variety of relations with a host of stakeholder groups. Regular com­muni­ca­tion with these groups helps us un­der­stand their views and expectations, ident­ify room for improvement and devise spe­cific courses of action.

Our most important stakeholders are linked to our business operations. In particular, these include tenants, shareholders and analysts, as well as public interest groups from the fields of politics, society and the media. Other stake­holders are our service providers and fi­nan­cing banks, as well as our employees – who make an important contribution to the suc­cess­ful development of the company.

Shareholder and Analysts

For our private and institutional investors, it is important that they are invested in a company whose business model is geared towards sustainable, long-term value ap­pre­ciation. As owners and investors, they wish to ensure that their capital com­mit­ment is invested both securely and pro­fit­ably. We meet these expectations. We have recorded continuous growth in both revenue and earnings over the past 20 years – a positive trend that is also re­flected in the divi­dend. The VIB Ver­mö­gen AG share is now one of Germany’s most reliable dividend-paying stocks.

Alongside shareholders, our analysts re­pre­sent a key stakeholder group in their capacity as opinion leaders for the fi­nan­cial markets. By systematically collecting, collating and analysing com­pany­-re­la­ted information, they provide transparency for our investors in terms of evaluating VIB Vermögen AG.

We are in direct and open contact with both stakeholder groups – investors and analysts. Alongside the publication of financial reports and company news, information is also exchanged, for in­stance, at capital market conferences and roadshows, where we present both our property portfolio and our corporate strategy.


Reliable tenants with excellent credit ra­tings constitute another important stake­hol­der group for the company. Our te­nant base includes both medium-sized, re­gio­nal companies and multinational cor­pora­tions. We maintain lasting busi­ness re­la­tions, based on a spirit of trust, with our tenants, which is reflected in long-term rental agreements and, con­se­quent­ly, predictable rental incomes. A prime exam­ple of this is the long-term par­tner­ship with the tenant of our in­au­gu­ral property, the French automotive supplier Faurecia. The rental agreement for this logistics facility, which was developed specially for the customer, has been in place since 1993 and, in 2013, was renewed for another ten years.

With a view to good customer relations, the inhouse management of our pro­per­ties has always been impor tant to us. With an experienced team of property managers, we work closely with our ten­ants and know their requirements in­side out. As a result, we not only gain a clear picture of the condition of our pro­per­ties, but are also in a position to find tailored solutions. And this is exactly what our tenants value. It is also reflected in the vacancy rate, which has been very low for many years and which most recently stood at a mere 0.8%.

Our tenants in the Logistics/Light Industry segment include companies such as the Rudolph Group, Audi and Continental. In the retail segment, our tenants include companies such as Rewe, Edeka, garden centre chain Dehner and Baywa Gartenmärkte GmbH & Co. KG.


Our employees are one of the crucial suc­cess factors of our business model and play a significant role in our positive course of business on account of their know­ledge, dedication and loyalty.

We therefore do everything in our power as an employer to ensure that our em­ploy­ees are happy at the company, can make the most of their talents and deploy their experience and specialist knowledge on our behalf for a long time to come. We offer our workforce an attractive and motivational working environment in our new and modern office space. We are delighted by the long average length of service and low staff turnover, which we also see as evidence of the excellent working environment at VIB Vermögen AG. We also want to help employees safeguard their future, which is why we support all members of staff with an occupational pension scheme.

Furthermore, we also attach great im­por­tance to the training and pro­fes­sio­nal development of our people. Alongside the range of trainee pro­gram­mes and needs-based training and professional de­velop­ment events it offers, VIB Ver­mö­gen AG has also been certified as an ap­pren­tice­ship provider for property pro­fes­sio­nals by the Industrie- und Han­dels­kam­mer (IHK, German Chamber of Industry and Com­merce) since 2013. Equal opportunities and diversity also play a role at the company. Along­side a ba­lanced ratio of younger and more experienced col­leagues, the share of female employees cur­rent­ly stands at around 70 per cent.

The public

As a company guided by the capital market and as a business partner for regional and national firms, VIB Vermögen AG also finds itself in the public eye. It is expected from us that we comply with laws and social norms and that we also meet high ethical and moral standards that go beyond laws and regulations.

As regards the planning and development of new construction projects, both close cooperation with future customers and close consultation with local authorities and communities play an important role. After all, economic interests run parallel not only to location development and the safeguarding/creation of jobs in a region, but also a need to avoid or at least mitigate any potential impacts for local residents.

As a commercial enterprise, we are also conscious of our obligations to the society in which we have been able to grow so successfully for more than 20 years. We want to give something back. Alongside our support in establishing a real estate teaching programme at Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences, we regularly help charitable centres and initiatives in the region. We also increasingly look towards regional companies and tradespeople when awarding contracts connected to our core business, such as the maintenance and modernisation of our properties.

As a company guided by the capital market, VIB Vermögen AG is expected to maintain exceptionally open and trans parent communication with the media. This still very much applies in terms of questions that throw a critical light on our company and our business operations. We attach great importance to a transparent information policy and conduct regular discussions and interviews with press representatives and other multipliers, at both regional and national level.

Service providers and financing banks

Our service providers expect transparent business relations and a spirit of par­tner­ship in which the interests of both par­ties are given sufficient weight. We are reliant on trust-based partnerships with our general contractors, especially when it comes to developing our own logistics properties. With investment volumes that can exceed EUR 30 million for a single property, it is vital that you have a partner whom you can rely on.

On the financing side, we work suc­cess­ful­ly with regional savings banks and mutual banks from the outset. On a national scale, selected state banks and major property financiers complete our financing portfolio. ­Annuity loans are a key pillar of our sustainable financing strategy. Due to the stable repayment amounts, this classic form of financing is not only extremely predictable over its term, but the ongoing repayments also increase the net asset value of the company.

Sustainability report 2018