VIB Vermögen AG again wins EPRA Gold Awards in 2021 for sustainability and financial reporting in 2020

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VIB Vermögen AG, a company specializing in the development, acquisition and portfolio management of commercial properties, was again honored with the EPRA Awards in the Gold category at the EPRA Conference for its Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2020.


EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association), the association of listed real estate companies, presents the awards with the aim of encouraging companies in the real estate sector to be more transparent and open with regard to their financial and sustainability reporting.

This is the fourth Gold Award in a row for the financial report, and the second in a row for the sustainability report, after the company also published a report in the sustainability category for the first time last year, it has achieved the Gold Award at the first attempt. Since the evaluation criteria are adapted or expanded by EPRA every year, each award means that VIB also meets these growing requirements of the Gold Standard.

"We are very pleased that we have once again received awards in both categories this year, the  financial as well as the sustainability reporting," commented Holger Pilgenröther, CFO of VIB Vermögen AG. "For us, this is confirmation by independent experts that we have been reporting transparently and comprehensively about our company for several years."