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The listing of VIB Vermögen AG shares on the m:access of the Munich Stock Exchange and the Open Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) entails high requirements of the company in terms of open and clear communication. Quite apart from this, we attach great im­por­tance to the active dialogue with analysts, in­ves­tors, small shareholders and the specialist press.

Prompt and transparent reporting is intended to enable interested members of the public to gain an extensive and realistic overall view of stra­tegy and the current corporate de­velop­ment. Through pub­li­shing all publications of relevance to the capital market in both German and English, international investors are also addressed in this context. The company also seeks regular active contact with the financial community.

The Managing Board conducts regular dis­cus­sions with analysts, investors and the media. VIB Vermögen AG attended a large number of virtual capital market conferences in 2021, explaining its strategy, corporate development and current business results to a broad public. Finally, the company responded to questions from interested investors at several roadshows both in Germany and abroad.


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