Logistics centre

Forward-looking logistics centre completed at the Interpark

After a construction period of just 9 months, the logistics centre developed by VIB Vermögen AG was completed as planned. The plot of land, which stretches over an area of 95,000 m², is home to almost 51,000 m² of storage space and 4,000 m² of office and recreational areas, as well as mezzanine areas which were con­struc­ted on an energy-efficient basis. The hall configuration is ultra modern. Being multi-use capable, the facility can be divided into a maximum of 6 hall aisles, each with 6 dock levellers and one jumbo loading gate, and can therefore be used for several customers or projects both simultaneously and efficiently. In addition to this, the sprinkler system, the hall height of 10.5 m and the floor loading capacity of 10 t/m² provide for considerable third party utilisation options. The configuration, which includes charging stations for E-bikes and electrically powered vehicles that are used outside the building, takes the energy use of the future into account.

The site is located in the InterPark, one of the leading industrial parks in southern Germany, which is in the immediate proximity of the city of Ingolstadt and within reach of the major conurbations of Munich and Nuremberg. With its own biomass co-generation plant as well as organic wastewater treatment and fresh water systems, the industrial park is forward looking in terms of environmental sustainability, and by providing cheap energy, it also offers economic benefits to local companies. The high in­vest­ment rate on the part of industry and the high levels of local employment make this an economically strong region with excellent prospects for growth. The location is also home to several global players from the automotive, services and retail sectors. The first rate infrastructure enables worldwide distribution.

„With their distinctive development expertise the VIB has grown to one of the largest property owners at the Interpark."

Bernhard Miehling, Interpark Management GmbH & Co. KG


Kösching-Großmehring, Interpark

Effective area:

54.915 sqm








Logistik/Light industry


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This county represents itself for years with the lowest unemployment rate of germany (temporarily less than 1%).