Industry × Location = Growth²

The real estate portfolio of VIB Vermögen AG currently consists of 113 properties with a total rentable area of around 1.2 m sqm. As the com­pany has established an extensive and ef­fec­tive network in Southern Germany over the last decades, the by far greater proportion of its pro­perties are also located there.

A very low vacancy ratio compared with the sec­tor of 0.8 % of the total portfolio reflects its high quality, and clearly documents that the com­pany understands market demand precisely, and cultivates very close contacts with tenants with whom it has maintained excellent business re­lationships over a period of many years.

„Quick, competent und sustainable conception und construction – reliable, transparent und fair in the daily administration. These are the parameters of a successful collaboration."

Thomas Rühl, HBPO GmbH