Economic success in harmony with environmental and social responsibility

Ever since VIB Vermögen AG was established in 1993, we have been pursuing our growth strategy in a targeted and successful fashion. In our view, however, successful corporate governance over the long term does not just include economic success, but also means assuming environmental and social responsibility. As with any company, our business activities are shaped by close cooperation with a vast array of different stakeholders, i.e. all internal and external groups that are affected by the actions of the company, whether now or in the future.

As we are a portfolio manager of commercial properties, our business model is characterised by a long-term planning horizon at many different levels. Our properties are used over several decades, maintenance and modernisation measures are carried out over the entire life cycle and, last but not least, we pursue a financing approach based on long-term annuity loans. Regardless of whether we are buying a property or developing it ourselves, our expansion decisions also take potential long-term factors into account.

Sustainability report

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